Prepare to Eat or be Eaten in Depth

Depth: Review

Depth is one of those new multiplayer games that lets you play as a power being against a larger group of weaker players, or lets you be part of the general player group trying to bring down a single, super tough enemy. It usually goes well with the typical horror-slasher theme, but with Depth, everything gets thrown under the water for some of the most disorientingly-fun scarefests we have ever seen. Here, you are either a diver trying to salvage treasure, or a shark trying to find a meal. Survival of the fittest in the dark depths of the sea -and you never know which end of the food chain you will be on.

Extremely Different Points of View

To fully appreciate Depth, players have to remember that the game plays extremely differently depending on who you are. The camera view, lighting, movement controls, weapons, and pretty much everything else is so much different between the humans and the sharks. This distinction is needed in order to keep players immersed in the feeling of the game. Humans are supposed to feel fragile and weak, but also armed with ironically powerful ranged weaponry. Sharks are naturally born and bred killers, everything underwater is the scope of their hunting ground, and all their abilities are there to help them kill and hunt better. The way that the game makes players play and behave differently is important in making the game feel fun.

Soaking Meat Bags

As a diver, it will only take one well placed bite to quickly end you -so it is very important for the diver team to communicate and work together. Each match has objectives that need to be fulfilled, and players will have to keep watch and have their tools ready as soon as they are needed. The extremely limited vision means that being able to visually detect danger is out of the question. There are tools that will allow you to keep track of nearby movement or, if your team gets lucky enough, you can also place a tracker on the shark to know if it is coming. Basically, humans have to rely heavily on technology to survive.

This makes the game pretty scary to play. Underwater movement is tough and there is no way to outmaneuver a shark unless you have weapons to keep it at bay. Even a whole group is vulnerable to getting gobbled up quick if no one knows what they are doing. And on top of dealing with all that is the constant feeling of paranoia that you get from being in a location with extremely limited vision. Being constantly in the dark while knowing that something is after you can be quite unnerving -but if you are brave enough, consider playing this with a good pair of surround sound earphones as it really makes you feel like you are underwater.

Keep Moving Forward and Eat

Depth: Keep Moving Forward and Eat

Without a doubt, this game is most fun when you are playing as the shark. Every single player is your prey and you are armed to the teeth with unique abilities that will make you a much better killer. First off is the sonar ability that lets you track all the targets on the stage. This means that getting set up in an ambush is not very likely for the shark.

Another important thing is that the whole game looks so much more different as a shark. You not only have greater visibility in the water, but you also play from the third person perspective. This grants you with a wider view of the surroundings and better familiarity with the map. These are both very important since the shark also has incredible underwater maneuverability. You are fast and are able to make turns quickly, doing a quick pass-and-bite on an unsuspecting diver is very much possible. So do not hesitate when playing as the shark.

Fear becomes your weapon too. Simply darting in and out of your prey's vision is enough to send them panicking. See a well organized group of players staying in formation as they carefully move from on treasure stash to another? Quickly give them a flash of your fin and watch the whole thing fall apart. Once the group is in disarray, you can quickly make a couple of quick kills during the chaos. The game makes the shark players know they really are the apex predator in the scenario and it is quite an exhilarating thrill to be in that position making Depth arguably the top choice from those shark attack games available on PC or any other platform for that matter.

Evolution Through Adversity

Progress in each match is gained through upgrades -better items and weapons for humans, new skills for sharks. As sharks, getting more kills means you get more skill points to spend. On the other hand, humans will have to keep salvaging gold and trade their coins in for new gear. These upgrades last only for the duration of the match, but it makes the flow of the feel more and more exciting with each tier of upgrades reached.

Needs Some Solo Time

Depth is perfect for a group of friends looking for a good time. Playing alternately with divers and sharks is fun, especially once you get the hang of the controls and get used to understanding the behavior of the other players. It is plenty of fun that way, but at the same time, that is the only way to play Depth. The game lacks a single player mode, and there is no campaign to play. While it would have been nice to see what kinds of single-player hijinks would be possible, there currently is no option for that in the game.