Eyes: the Horror Keeps You on Your Toes

Eye the Horror Review

A career criminal gets the job of a lifetime by staking out the place of a recently deceased, and very wealthy person. While this means that the place has no possible living witnesses to the crime, there is someone, or something, else that has their eyes on you. This is Eyes: the Horror, where you constantly stay on the prowl as you seek out important treasure to fill your pockets with while avoiding a malicious ghost that is stalking the same house. The entity is completely invisible, which means that staying out of sight will not be an easy task. Fortunately, despite the very supernatural nature of the house, you are not necessarily out-classed: you also have some strange powers of your own to call upon.

The Eyes Have It

The premise of this game is simple: you need to steal from a house that is being haunted by the ghost. To survive, you simply need to make it to the exit. But to win, you need to explore the whole place and pick up everything of value (you are a thief after all). Either way, you need to move around with being killed by the ghost -which is not as easy as it seems. First off, the ghost is completely invisible. This means that you will not be able to see it coming. Second, the whole house is very dimly lit -making it hard to navigate and properly explore.

It also does not help that the house itself is extremely creepy. Aside from the fact that the lighting is terrible, the way that the house is laid out and the decors that it has makes it look so very haunted (and yes, it is). Among the weird decor that players will are occasional paintings of eyes on the walls. These are not just here to create a spooky or occult-like atmosphere -they serve a gameplay function.

Players can touch the eyes and trigger a special sight power -for a few seconds, they will be able to see the game from the perspective of the ghost. This is very useful once you have a good idea of how the different parts of the house looks like as it would tell exactly where the ghost is right at that moment. This mechanic is a great tool for determining the best places to head to or explore in order to avoid the unseen danger -of course, the ghost will still be on the move so its location will eventually change.

Eye the Horror: View 2

Playing on the Edge

With an unseen ghost lurking about, players naturally have to experience the game with a constant sense of dread and pressure. After all, even with the psychic-eye vision mechanic, it is not easy to pin down the location of the ghost after moving about for a few minutes. Do not expect to easily beat or master the game on the first couple of runs either as the unfamiliarity with the house puts players at a severe disadvantage. The good thing is that once you have played the game a few times and explored a lot of the house, you will get used to the layout. This means that you will be able to navigate the house faster and more importantly, actually tell where the ghost is when you see the visions.

The house has a good amount of worthwhile valuables for stealing, and that is the main goal of the game. The danger that the ghost presents is actually a secondary concern -the real reason the player is in the house is to get loot. This is where the main challenge of the game really lies -even if you can manage to avoid the ghost, you will still need to get all almost every corner of the house to find everything.

A Short Round of Horror

As interesting and fun as Eyes: the Horror is, the overall gameplay length is too short when played from beginning to end; of course, you will need to play the game several times just to finish it. Once you know the layout of the house, it all becomes a whole lot easier to play and enjoy. Still, we recommend playing this game if you are itching for some great horror. The controls are simple and easy to use, the visuals may look dated, but the overall gameplay experience is still plenty satisfying.