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Killer Escape

Killer Escape

The first Killer Escape feels standard and scary. While there are plenty of disgusting things that you need to accomplish (like digging through the insides of a dead rat for a key -which is a very visual event near the start of the game), the whole premise is something that many horror fans would feel familiar with. You wake up in a dank prison cell with a masked killer taunting you about never being able to get out. The place is horrid and putrid, with remains of dead insects to keep you company and several cans of possibly expired dog food as nutrients, players must find a way to break out of captivity and escape their obvious demented captor.

You obviously do not stay in the cell very long, as you eventually make it out and start exploring the huge dark underground compound in search of items that would help you break out. While the game has no tutorial, most machines have giant useful signs that tell you exactly what each switch does or what each dial means. There is still a lot of trial and error involved, but for the most part, the puzzles feel intuitive. What is mostly luck based is in being able to find all critical mouse over spots for finding items. While exploring, expect the creepiness of the area serve as your main source of fright, but there are also a few jumpscares that await the most ardent of explorers.

Overall, Killer Escape is not a very long game, and once you get used to solving the puzzles, you can actually try finishing it in the fastest time you can get (the game tracks your gametime so you can easily compare). The game also features a scoring feature, which means that those of you who still feel competitive despite the horrific scenes of the game have something to look forward to.

Killer Escape 2: The Surgery

Killer Escape 2

It goes without saying that playing the first Killer Escape game is a good idea before jumping into this one -it literally starts at the end of the previous game. Without spoiling the first game's ending you readers, just know that this sequel immediately sums up the events of the last game on the opening screen. So you may want to consider trying the first game's challenges before moving up to the Surgery.

Anyway, players now find themselves faced with the entrance to what appears to be an all white office space, much like a hospital. But while that may seem like a good thing, there is also a huge splash of blood on the floor and a trail that follows. Without any other choice, you proceed forward, only to be grabbed by an unknown assailant and knocked out. By the time you wake up, you are strapped to what seems like a dentist chair in the middle of what can only be described as a madman's lab. Once again, escape is your main goal.

The new puzzles in this surgery game go with the whole laboratory theme and there are now a lot more electronic devices to tinker with (as opposed to just dealing with mechanical stuff with the first game). Not that the new locale is any better, expect to run into corpses and other evidences of your new captor's presence. There is now a lot more backstory to read about the dangerous killer that has taken you, and most of these is revealed through newspaper clippings that you will discover (along with computer logs and other minor things).

Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3

The last Killer Escape game ends in a grotesque fashion as the elevator doors close in on your captor -quite literally. Now, as you ascend to an unknown destination, you wonder what sorts of new horrors await. While the previous two Killer Escape games have been themed with a dark and sinister approach, this new one has an all out X-Files vibe to it.

The game does not do much to hide the fact that your new captors this time are completely out of this world, but that does not make them any less dangerous or malevolent. In fact, you will learn (as your progress through the game), that the facilities you escaped from in the previous games were all being managed or monitored by the aliens too. As mean and nasty as the previous killers where, they were nothing but lab samples for the aliens -and the same goes for you.

Killer Escape III is the most complex and puzzled filled title of all three, and it certainly adds a new dimension to the overall difficulty of the challenge. What it does lack in, however, is the same heavy and dark visual style that made the previous two games feel so oppressive. Away from the dilapidated and decayed halls of the underground dungeon, the sleek and futuristic spaceship aesthetic feels more inviting (and at the very least, a definite upgrade).

While this third game is unlikely to get under your skin like the previous two or even the upcoming Whack the Serial Killer, it has a much harder challenge in terms of solving puzzles. Players must bring their A-game when it comes to confronting the various clues and challenges that this third game presents -and this time, you must do more than just escape your captors, you must also ensure that they will no longer be a threat to the human race.